In preparation for the workshop, please read these pdfs excerpted from Participate: Designing with User-Generated Content: Participate_essays, Participate_intro
Phase One: Divide up into groups of 5. Spend 15 minutes doing the following:
—Each person share a secret with the group. This should be something that you have never told anyone before. After you tell the secret, select one word to represent it (for example: My secret is that I stole a pack of gum when I was a 11. My word: gum). As this process moves through the group, repeat all the previous words before you tell your own secret. (for example: gum, Barbie, baby….my secret is… word is….)
—Once everyone has had a turn, write down all the words (not before, though).
Phase Two:
—Using the letterforms created in the previous class, design something using all 5 words. Do this as a group.
—Be sure that the end result can be copied 5 times so that each group member can have one. Examples of possible designs: a poster, a coaster set, a scarf, a publication, pillow, t-shirt, etc.
—The form is up to you but it must be only one color. If you select a material other than paper, you can mock the design up on paper to share at the end of class, and then produce the real thing outside of class.
—Each group should produce one final idea and then make a copy for each group member.

Interesting Designers To Check Out

Jonathan Puckey, Studio Moniker

Daniel Eatock

Sarah DeBondt

Project Projects

Aaron Koblin

Graphic Thought Facility

Jürg Lehni


1) build community through a participatory process;
2) learning strategies for collaborative making;
3) understand the challenges of soliciting content from users;