Visuals for “Myopia: A Visualization Tool In Support of Close Reading,” a collaborative project with Dr. Laura Mandell, Director of the Initiative for Digital Humanities, Media, and Culture at Texas A&M University, Dr. Gerald Gannod, Professor of Computer Science and Engineering, Miami University, Eric Hodgson, Smale Center Director, AIMS, Miami University, and grad student Manish Chaturvedi, Department of Computer Science and Software Engineering at Miami. The project encodes the literary attributes of poetry and then visualizes them for users. Educators/scholars can use these visualizations to quickly compare the literary attributes of multiple poems. A 3D component will allow students to explore poetry in a hands-on manner. The programming side of this project is Chaturvedi’s thesis project, “Visualization of TEI Encoded Texts.”
Presentation of the Project by Laura Mandell at DH2012
Initial Visualization Concepts

Exploration of Visualization Concept: visualization_stacked