In this advanced studio, we explore visual systems that deliver related content across a range of media. We also investigate design form and context to discover practical, playful, and provocative uses of visual elements that extend beyond conventions. Assignments are devised to encourage formal experimentation and lateral thinking toward surprising designed solutions.
You will first identify subject matter and domains related to the project themes. You will then proceed to design artifacts that address specific audiences through various media — print, screen, environment. Most work will be developed to prototype quality.The semester work culminates in a client project for a company located on the Centennial campus: WebAssign.

In this course, students will:

  • Apply knowledge, methods and skills acquired to date to accomplish projects: researching, concept mapping, taxonomies, task analyzing, brainstorming, user journey mapping, prototyping, etc.
  • Develop identity, information and/or design systems that span media
  • Explore alternative methods and strategies for discovering visual/typographic form
  • Identify opportunities where design might improve interactions among people, maximize visual presence and linguistic voice, assist with navigation through space, and encourage engagement with subject matter
  • Refine techniques in the design of extended formal and structural systems
  • Analyze design precedents and refine lexicon for discussing design
  • Improve and refine skills concerning professional design production and software

Project One: Digital Textbook
Assignment: Redesign middle school textbook material as a digital experience for iPad. This assignment is particularly relevant because school systems across the U.S. are now moving entirely to digital textbooks.
(This project was originally developed by Deb Littlejohn)
Sample Student Work:

Mallory Wright

McCall Cox

Ben Markoch

The second project for this class was a sponsored project with WebAssign. For this reason, I can’t share sample student work or project details.