MUart 452 Senior Projects 2013
Each spring I work with the seniors to develop their senior thesis project and exhibition. The 2013 thesis theme was Design for the Social Good. Visiting critics for 2012 were Liz Chmela, Made by We, and Dawn Hancock, Firebelly Design. Below is a sampling of projects.
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Katie Scott
Kidclusion: Progress for the Inclusive Classroom.
Design Problem: Teachers often don’t have the time or expertise to implement targeted interventions in inclusive classrooms.
Target Audience: Teachers of inclusive classrooms.
Solution: Design a website, app and set of cards to make it easier to implement and track  interventions in the inclusive classroom and share results and tips with other instructors and parents.
Thesis process book: katie_scott_thesisprocessbook
Jenna Samuels
Down to Earth: A Subscription System for Delivering Fresh Produce to Miami Dorm Students.
Design Problem: Students living in dorms have trouble accessing and storing fresh produce in their rooms. As a result, they often turn to processed snack foods.
Target Audience: Dorm residents and their parents. (Jenna’s research found that parents are concerned about their children’s food choices and willing to pay to give them a healthier lifestyle.)
Solution: A system through which parents and students can subscribe to monthly deliveries of fresh local produce directly to the dorms. The system includes branding, packaging and signage, as well as website and promotional T-shirts to help get the word out. Jenna worked with local farmers on this project.
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Thesis Process Book: jenna_samuels_thesisprocessbook
Julia Hustedt
Ohio Pug Rescue Rebrand
Design Problem: Many Ohio residents choose to buy Pug dogs from breeders and puppy mills rather than adopt them through the Ohio Pug Rescue because the non-profit is not well known. In addition, those who do use the the Rescue  come home feeling unprepared for the responsibilities that they have just taken on—cleaning, feeds and other misc health care for the dog.
Target Audience: Ohio residents interested in adopting a Pug.
Solution: Design a new identity and website for the Ohio Pug Rescue, as well as promotional materials that include Pug t-shirts, iPhone covers and a Pug medical kit to educate new owners about their dog’s care.
Thesis Process Book:julia_hustedt_processbook
Molly Stiebler
Snap Art Kit for Adults with Special Needs
Design Problem: There are not enough educational and creative resources for adults with special needs. Quite a few resources exist for children, but adults tend to be forgotten.
Target Audience: Adults with special needs, preexisting special needs camps, clubs, and centers; as well as families and their caretakers and therapists.
Solution: Subscription-based art kit for special needs adults. The kit includes a calendar for tracking projects and mood, a Snap sketchbook, art supplies and monthly art projects. The kit is designed to build self-confidence and creativity in special needs adults.
thesis process book: molly_stiebler_processbook (1)
Eric Villareal
The Tortoise and the Hare: A Modern Reinterpretation of the Fable.
Design Problem: Books at at the YWCA in Dayton and the Children’s National Medical Center are scarce and not targeted to the lives of the children who frequent thesis organizations.
Target Audience: Children ages 4-6 at the YWCA in Dayton and the Children’s National Medical Center.
Solution: Illustrate and author a book geared specifically toward children with odds stacked against them. A donor funded physical copies of the book to be donated to the YWCA and the Children’s National Medical Center. An e-book version is available as a free download.
Thesis process book:  Eric_htprocessbook
Adam Cassidy
Stik Together: Grab a friend. Get Outside.
Design Problem: Adults spend so much time in front of a screen that they are losing the ability to connect face-to-face.
Target Audience: College students
Solution: A meet-up style platform that encourages young adults to get together and take part in outdoor activities. They system includes a website and app that facilitates these meet-ups, as well as a merchandizing point system to encourage further activities.
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Brittany Stechschulte
Good Sense Chow: Eat for that Ache
Design Problem: Many young adults turn to medication to solve their aches and pains rather then considering simple dietary solutions.
Target Audience: Young adults
Solution: A app that can be used to find dietary solutions to health problems. The app not only provides instant suggestions in response to mood and symptoms, but allows the user to track their moods. This feedback helps the user determine whether or not specific remedies were successful.
Brittany Stechschulte Process Book: Brittany_thesis_handout_final
Emily Schwegman
Art Hunt
Design Problem: People in the Oxford community are not aware of the Oxford Community Arts Center and the programs and events that are offered there.
Target Audience: Families in the Oxford area and surrounding communities.
Solution: A scavenger hunt sponsored by the Community Art Center. Residents involved in the hunt seek icons placed on participating businesses throughout the town. Each stop provides clues leading to the next icon, as well as one of twelve puzzle pieces. All twelve puzzle pieces assembled in the right order leads participants back to the Community Art Center for final prizes.

Emily Schwegmann Process Book: emily_process_book_small
Erika Chitwood
Caring Closet Rebrand
Design Problem: A lack of awareness of the Caring Closet in Hamilton which leads to a shortage in volunteers and poor quality clothing donations.
Target Audience: Caring Closet volunteers and Hamilton, Ohio, residents
Solution: A brand redesign which included a new website, direct mail and signage. The website is fully functional.The direct mail highlights a kids look book  that educates donors about which items are currently popular with kids. The flexible signage uses an icon system to communicate current donation needs to residents driving or walking by the Caring Closet location.

Caring Closet website
Erika Process Book: emily_process_book_small
Jenny Miller
Brain Games: Take Learning Out of Slow Motion
Design Problem: Kinesthetic learners are often left out of the traditional classroom. Most teaching methods instead cater to visual and auditory learners because the resulting lessons are more manageable.
Target Audience: Teachers of children between the age of 3 and 5
Solution: Develop a series of classroom tools to bring kinesthetic activities into the classroom. The resulting tools: a giant set of dice that specifies simple kinesthetic motions; a Reading Recess mat to bring motion into the experience of listening to a story, and a magnetic board game that allows children to independently bring motion to their learning experience. Jenny worked closely with a kindergarten teacher to develop these tools.

Jenny Miller’s Process book: jenny_processbook21
Krista Adkins
St(art) in Loveland
Design Problem: Although there are quite a few artist studios in Loveland, Ohio, few residents and visitors are aware of the growing art scene.
Target Audience: Residents and visitors of Loveland, Ohio.
Solution: An art crawl that encourages visitors to experience each of the Loveland artist studios. The art crawl could be a single event as well as an ongoing self-guided tour. The resulting materials: a brochure/map, a website, and corresponding signage for each of the local studios.

Krista Adkins’s Process Book: krista_process-book1
Paige Hake
Power Up
Design Problem: Obesity is a growing problem for teenagers in America.
Target Audience: Teenagers in America
Solution: A comic book/workbook to be completed by a parent and child together as a strategy for combating obesity, as well as a corresponding app that allow teens to challenge their friends to short bursts of exercise. While researching the problem, Paige discovered that parental support is a huge factor in successfully combating teenage obesity.

Paige Hake’s Process Book: paige_thesis_process_spreads
Reid Groth
WA+A: Wertz Art + Architecture Library
Design Problem: Miami students seldom utilize the Wertz Art and Architecture Library. The problem is two-fold: the library is difficult to find on campus and, once found, the students have trouble navigating the interior space.
Target Audience: Miami students and faculty whose interests lie in the material found in the Wertz Library.
Solution: Develop a fresh contemporary brand and awareness campaign for the library. The awareness campaign includes the following: A brochure guides student to the library and helps them navigate the space. Stickers on the back of the brochure encourage students to come to the library and vote on  “What is Art.” by placing their stickers on large posters in the library; new wayfinding for the interior space that coordinates with the brochure; and a Wertz library app to make the library more accessible to students. The app functionality includes searching the library catalog, checking the print queue and the status of their student account, as well as location and library hours.

Reid Groth’s Process Book: reid_reid-groth-thesis