Each spring I work with the seniors to develop their senior thesis project and exhibition. Visiting critic for 2010 was John Foster from IDEO. Below is a sampling of projects.
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Carter: Salvage Line of Clothing
Each outfit in the Salvage line is made of repurposed fabric.


Perez-Torres: Atrevida Brand
“‘Atrevida’, is a bold, daring, outspoken, rebel, bright, and energetic revolution of 20th century ‘beauty’ culture.  Atrevida shows girls it is ok to stand out from the crowd and be bold. Atrevidas have their own sense beauty. Targeting the rapidly growing Hispanic population, (35.3 million, 12.5% of the US population), these ‘Atrevidas’ (daring girls) have a spending power of $ 768 Billion dollars- mostly tweens. The US and its brands are a major influence in Latin America and with more immigrants coming from Latin America they have more money to spend. Not only are they a bigger population but according to an article on the US Hispanic Beauty market, Hispanics ‘over-index’ the beauty category, and purchase at a higher rate than normal.”—Juliana Perez-Torres

Myers: The Walrus and the Carpenter
“My project is an investigation of type and image; I am trying question and blur the rigid boundaries that are generally drawn between these two basic design elements. I’ll be doing this within the realm of book design, creating two books (one comprised entirely of illustration/imagery and one entirely of text) that both effectively communicate the same story (the narrative poem “The Walrus and the Carpenter” by Lewis Carroll). Ultimately I would like to end up with two books, cohesive and related in design, that both tell/illustrate the same story effectively despite their differing and unorthadox methods of doing so. I feel that a strict separation of text and image is limiting to designers, and that treatment of text as image (and image as text) can lead to new, innovative strides forward in book design and graphic design in general. This project is intended to reach design savvy adults who would be interested in the investigation of type and image as well as the children and parents/caregivers who make up the main audience for children’s books.” —Kristin Myers


Baldwin: The Daughter Project
“Create a branding identity for “the daughter project”,a non-profit organization in Northwest Ohio that exists to help girls recover from the trauma of human sex trafficking and to help prevent them from being trafficked through community education
Branding will including Logo, Tagline, Letterhead System, Website, Promotional items. As well as creating advertising campaign to evoke awareness about sex trafficking in the United States, in turn promoting the daughter project.” Rachel Baldwin

Kalus: Sochi Olympics identity

Chemla: Contaminated Corn (American agricultural study)
“I recently discovered that the youth of America, right now, are expected to live about 10 years shorter than their parents. That statistic horrified me so I wanted to learn more about the American Agriculture system. What started out as a search for the cause of obesity in American children turned into a desire to understand all the impacts of American Agriculture- health related, environment related, and economics related.

As a designer that has always had a soft-spot for infographics, I took the information I was learning and began illustrating some of the complex processes and systems in a more approachable and understandable manner. The sum of these illustrations were compiled into a book, “Contaminated Corn & Starving Farmers”. But I didn’t want it to end there. The problems with AmAg affect all Americans, young and old, rich and poor, and I wanted to start a discussion about the topic- stimulated by my illustrations. “—Liz Chmela