Using AGILE in the Design Classroom

Last semester I taught an Interactive Media Studies capstone course here at Miami U. The students worked as an interdisciplinary team to collaboratively develop a design solution for Coca-Cola. The project itself is top secret, but here’s another resource from the experience: I created the following presentation to explain AGILE to my students. This class was my first experience applying AGILE  to a design project. Feel free to use the presentation to introduce AGILE in your own courses.

Agile: organized around teams. Each design cycle is brief, iterative and in flux (based on feedback from customers and other stakeholders
Timeframe: Agile projects gather requirements "just in time"
Agile teams are organized by features and are 4-9 people
spring kick-off meeting: determine the work to be completed during the spring
User stories: the features that need to be completed during each spring. Each story expresses what the user does with the particular deliverables—who. why.
Agile board: backlog, storeis, in play, ready for testing, done
stand-up: 5 minute meeting at the beginning of each class. Each student holds his/her cards and answers the questions: What did I do since the last time? What will I do between now and next time? What problems am I having?
Spring cycle: Spring kick-off meeting, Stand-up: a board update; Spring retrospective, a post mortem