What If Exercise

Remember, as a designer it is imperative that you go through many, many ideas before you pick one to pursue. It takes work to move beyond obvious, expected solutions. Use the supplied prompts to begin generating new ideas for your projects.

Keep in mind that you are utilizing both the user’s limited visual capabilities in your design solutions but also more non-visual methods of accessing information. What non-visual modes of perception and interaction can communicate data in this experience? Hopefully the What If prompts will help with this. 


1. Combine two groups together for this exercise. Explain to each group, the other group’s challenge and solution first.

2. Run through this exercise for each group.

3The first member of the combined group reads the first supplied prompt.

4. Another member of the group builds on this first idea. Begin your add on with the phrase “What If…”

5. Continue around the group with one idea until everyone has spoken. Continue with this idea if it seems fruitful or move to the next prompt. You are required to go through at least 5 main prompts in class and record your thoughts. 

In class, be sure to have someone in the group recording your thoughts as you go. Take a photo of this page of notes as part of your project documentation.